13 Reasons To Pick PlayStation 4

13 Reasons To Pick PlayStation 4
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This is the first of a 3-PART series that will feature each of the major home entertainment systems marketable advantages. We will be discussing the pros of each system in particular, detailing what may constitute a quality characteristic to obtain the competitive edge. These articles will not cater to the “fanyboy” culture of ignorantly chattering on the internet. We will highlight what makes each system unique, and what features potential consumers can be excited about. Let us begin with the PlayStation 4.

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Back in February, Sony gave us our first look at the PlayStation 4 console. Well, we didn’t see it for a while after that, but it was announced, and games were shown. Since then a plethora of confirmed details have been announced, or released, and we feel as if we know what we can expect from this machine at launch. Personally, the PlayStation 4 is my initial console of choice. It’s the one I am most excited about, and the one I’ll be getting at launch. Now, let’s take a look at some of the amazing features exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Price Point

What is great about the PlayStation 4 console that hasn’t really been the case for most major, high tech console releases is the price point: $399.99. Generally, a console launch tends to be a tad higher. The last time Sony released new living room hardware, it was to the tune of $600.00. Sony hits the nail on the head with this price, $100.00 less than the rival competitor and only $50.00 more than a year old console.

Quality PS+ Service

PlayStation’s online market and gaming hub, PSN, used to take a back seat to Xbox Live in terms of functionality, content and responsiveness. Then there was the whole hacking fiasco. But for those who have tried it, or have seen what it can do, PS+ is a wonderful feature. The ability to play online and receive great deals and free games really validates the cost of service.

Instant Game Collection

Not a ton has been said about the Instant Game Collection, but one thing is for sure, Sony is going all in to make it happen. It is the very reason they obtained Gaikai, a popular cloud computing service. In conjunction with Gaikai, PlayStation 4 owners will be able to instantly stream a large library of previous PlayStation hits.

No Required Peripherals

This isn’t really a knock on Microsoft, as they are attempting to do their own thing, but it is a relevant issue. Fans have been displeased with motion control gaming requiring a camera since the ideas inception. That is why the Xbox Live Vision Camera, PS Eye Toy, and PlayStation Move were complete busts. The Kinect had success, as Microsoft force fed it to consumers. Not having required accessories means there are more options for gamers and a cheap price tag as well.

Upcoming  Quantic Dream Title

We only really saw a sneak peek glorified tech demo at E3, but it was amazing. There has been talk about a Dark Sorcerer or Kara title, but both of those are just listed as ‘Short Films’ on the company’s website. There has also been chatter about a title called Singularity, which may hit to the Kara possibility.

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