25 Things a Gamer Should Have Done

25 Things a Gamer Should Have Done
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Gaming is a vibrant culture filed with many facets of entertaining genres, ages, styles and platforms. Among this culture there is a definite sense of community, of a group of ‘gamers’ who have and still are achieving great things from the comfort of their homes or their development studios. From these people, years of history have been created, years of incredible games, inspired boss battles and unique levels, weapons and environments.

When coming into contact with this community for the first time, it’s sometimes difficult to interpret the greatest cultural highlights from the history of gaming, yet this heritage is vitally important in any gamer’s passion. To make this a little clearer, we here at GamR Mag have created a list of the types of things a gamer should do when faced with a mountain of culture. Some are cultural; some are based on playing certain games for different reason while some are simply the most difficult brutal gaming achievements that live on in our minds. Before we proceed, I must warn you, these lists could have been given there own top 25 lists, as a result they may seem incomplete. Feel free to leave comments on what you think should have been included, and if there are enough suggestions we may construct a second list. So without further ado, I present to you, the gamers rites of passage!

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