Blue Estate Comics ‘Leap’ into 3D Motion

Blue Estate Comics ‘Leap’ into 3D Motion
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Have you ever read the award winning Blue Estate comic book series written by Viktor Kalvachev? If you haven’t had the chance to, now’s your chance to get caught up on what makes this dark comedic series so incredible. HeSaw Studios is bringing the dark humorous personality of the series to life in a 3D motion on-rails shooter, built specifically for the Leap Motion Controller. Players will be thrown into the shoes of the series’ gunman, Tony Luciano, and will watch Tony rise through the criminal underworld brewing in the years before the comics take place. With his greasy hair flinging from side to side, Tony will have to make his way through restaurants, bars, burlesque shows and ridiculously absurd props and obstacles. For those of you not familiar with Tony, he is essentially the Duke Nukem of comic books. (Before he started spinning realistic toilet rolls in his newest game.) Cue ridiculously inappropriate one-liners.


Players will use the Leap Motion Controller to target enemies close enough for the games auto-aim system to take control. That said, you’ll still have to be thinking strategically and move your old school pistol quick, or you’ll put Tony’s head on the end of a sword or splatter it will bullets. As one of the first high profile shooters developed on the Leap Motion Controller, players may find it hard to adjust to the free hand shooting mechanics implemented in Blue Estate but Director of Developer Relations at Leap Motion, Avinash Dabir, believes this won’t be a problem for long.

“The skilled team at HESAW blew us away with Blue Estate and the intuitive play interactions that use Leap Motion’s technology. We knew it would be a killer addition to Airspace. The brilliantly realised universe offers hours of immersive gaming. We’re excited to bring Blue Estate exclusively to our users around the world and take gaming with Leap Motion to the next level.”

The art style of the title echoes that of it’s comic book counterpart. This decision is no doubt an attempt to bring players back to the books where it all started, however it may also provide a sense of arcade nostalgia for older gamers, taking them back to the light gun hits of the 80′s. Creator of the Blue Estate Universe and Creative Director on the game, Viktor Kalvachev, had this to say,

“The Blue Estate comic series is a real labor of love for me, and it’s very cool to see some of the characters come to life off the page in such an amazing interactive way with Leap Motion. Tony Luciano is a good choice of character for the lead role with his sharp tongue and itchy trigger finger. It really is a lot of fun to play and I hope people are going to love it.”

The Prologue of Blue Estate will introduce two origins missions, during which Tony Luciano is attempting to track down Cherry Popz who was abducted by the Silk Brothers gang. This prologue will be available on the Air Space store in the near future.

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