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GAMRMAG was created by a couple of fellows that have a deep love and passion for Video Games. We created GAMRMAG to help build a strong community of Gamers who share the same passion as we do. We have a hardworking staff that is doing all that they can to help bring some unique content to the community, as well as interacting with our growing community.

Ryan Hillis - Founder

Eric Jackson 

Christian Orkibi 

Lynn Gerena 

It is our duty to bring the gaming community our honest reviews and opinions, as well as all the new, unique video game related content that we can. We appreciate any feedback, so if you would like to contact us, for any reason, please fill out the form below. If you wish to join our team, use our space for advertisement, or just want to say “Hey”, just throw a comment our way. We will get right back to you!

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