escapeVektor On Sale for 2 Weeks

escapeVektor On Sale for 2 Weeks
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On Monday, Nnooo issued a press release informing the gaming community that the award winning escapeVektor would be going on sale for the next two weeks at half price.

“Nnooo is pleased to announce the price of our award-winning and critically acclaimed game escapeVektor™ will be reduced by 50% over the next 2 weeks. The game will be on sale on Nintendo 3DS™ and PlayStation®Vita across The Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.”

Nnooo also released the specific details on when the sale would start for each location, how much they would cost in local currency and when you can expect the sale to end. Details are as follows:

Nintendo 3DS:

  • The Americas, Europe, Australia & New Zealand – August 8th to August 22nd; reduced from US$9.99 to US$4.99 /  €10 to €5 / AUS$13 to AUS$6.50 / NZ$17 to NZ$8.50.

PlayStation Vita:

  • The Americas – August 6th to August 20th; reduced from US$9.99 to US$4.99
  • Europe, Australia & New Zealand – August 7th to August 21st; reduced from €9.99 to €4.99 / AUS$14.45 to AUS$7.22 / NZ$18.95 to NZ$9.47.

For more information, you can check out escapeVektor’s official site.

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