G5 Entertainment Announces Fall Sale

G5 Entertainment Announces Fall Sale
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Today, G5 Entertainment has announced that from September 2nd through September 8th, over 20 titles will be available for purchase at $0.99. The games are available on multiple platforms which include iOS, Kindle Fire and Google Play enabled devices. This is what G5 Entertainment had to say about the sale:

“G5 Entertainment starts autumn with a big sale – twenty fan favorites are now available for only 99¢ on iPhone, Google Play, Kindle Fire, $1.99 on iPad and Mac. From September 2nd through the 8th, catch this lucky discount and enjoy the best G5 games at up to 70% off.”

As for the games available during the fall sale, G% also release a list of each title and their available platforms:

To purchase these titles, you can head over to G5 Entertainment’s Fall Sale

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