Grand Theft Auto V: The Perfect Send Off to a Great Generation of Gaming

Grand Theft Auto V: The Perfect Send Off to a Great Generation of Gaming
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Over the past few months, gamers all over the world have been salivating at the prospect of playing Grand Theft Auto V. Every major publication has released reports of all kinds, scattered all over the internet, each of them regarding some aspect of Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated fall release. There have been speculations regarding which platforms it will release for, how much money was spent to make it, how large the open world is, how much the game will actually resemble what has been promised, and much more. There have been leaks of gameplay footage, storyline arcs, map size and design, soundtrack singles, and in-game images, just to name a few. Basically, anything related to GTA V, of any kind, has been met with a wide audience and massive speculation. But there is one thing some gamers have argued, and they have a great point. Is Grand Theft Auto V a game better suited for the next generation of gaming?

There is no doubt that a game of its scope and size, mixed with its highly ambitious variety of gameplay, would be best served on a machine with much more available memory and processing power. There is no valid argument known to man that would ever insist that Grand Theft Auto V is the perfect game for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One to lead off with. The sheer amount of content that Rockstar Games is attempting to deliver is nothing short of astounding, and the game itself would only benefit from releasing on a next gen platform rather than the current gen dinosaurs we are currently gaming on today. It is a completely valid argument, and one that I, myself, enjoy having.

Now I am personally of the variety of gamer that hopes for that “swan song” title that will gently lay this previous generation to rest on a warm pillow, kiss it softly on the head, brush its hair behind its ear as it calmly whispers “goodnight, sweet prince”. With what has been shown, and promise, Grand Theft Auto V has every single component to help send our current generation of consoles off into the sunset as we welcome the next batch of platforms with open arms.

Firstly, Grand Theft Auto V has the perfect release date to send off our current generation of consoles. The September 17th release date gives most gamers enough time to frolic around Los Santos before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One arrive.

Then there is the current gen competition releasing in the near future. Other than Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls, there isn’t another triple A console release that is slated before mid October. That doesn’t include the fact that Beyond: Two Souls is a PlayStation 3 exclusive, while GTA V is a multi-platform release.

What really makes Grand Theft Auto V the perfect game to end this generation before the next begins is the ambition. I say that meaning that Rockstar had the ambition to use every single available resource to utilize the current generation’s hardware. There simply is no way that the Xbox 360 could handle anything much larger than what GTA V is planning to bring. That in itself is an excellent way to send off a specific platform, with a great game that, due to the platform specification, cannot be any better structurally.

So for those gamers that believe that Rockstar Games should have waited and released the game on next gen hardware, maybe you have a point. The game would be amazing on the next gen market, and more than likely will find itself there. As gamers, however, we need closer. We need to see the years of experiences, and money well spent, have the ‘swan song’ title that it deserves. In this generation, we have played through red rings and yellow lights of death, played through 9 seasons of Madden, witnessed the creation of dozens of new IPs that received more than a handful of sequels, watched as the PSN network was hacked, lived through the introduction of second screen experiences and motion controlled gaming. We saw the beginning, and the end of main plots in Gears of War, Mass Effect, BioShock, Halo, and many more. For Christ’s sake, we played 8 goddamn Call of Duty games. It only seems right that we give our consoles one more game, one last experience that keeps us up till the sun begins to peek through the curtains. One more game that has ┬ámillions of fans gathering together for its impending release. One more game that has us spending 100+ hours trying to complete every possible aspect of it, that we drive ourselves mad. One more game that we cannot wait for friends to play, or beat, so that we can frantically discuss with them just how amazing our experiences were. That ‘one more game’ is Grand Theft Auto V, and it is the perfect send off to a great generation of gaming.

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