Hometown Story due for release on October 22nd

Hometown Story due for release on October 22nd
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Natsume Inc. have just released that their latest title, Hometown Story has gone gold in development and is expected for release on the Nintendo 3DS and IOS on October 22nd. Hometown Story is developed by Harvest Moon creator, Yasuhiro Wada.



The player fills the shoes of a grandchild of a recently passed grandmother. Now that you’re grandmother has gone she passes her small shop in your old hometown, down to you. Will you be able to raise the shop back up to it’s former glory and get buyers back in its aisles again, or will your heritage become nothing but a run down storefront? Luckily you will be aided by magical fairy, Pochica, who features in the image above. This little sprite will introduce you to the village’s unique citizens and inform you on how to best suit their growing needs. Due to the random nature of the citizens, you will have to carefully judge who to befriend and who to turn away, don’t trust what your friends say, their play experience will be entirely different to yours.

Pre-Orders are still available for Hometown Story and players who choose to pre-order will gain access to one of several character plushies depending on the retail store they pre-ordered at. (Surrounding Pochica in the image above.) The Ruby Red Ember Dragon will be available at Amazon, the Emerald Green Ember from Gamestop while the Sunny Yellow Plush is available with pre-orders from the Natsume Online Store. In addition to this, the Pochica plush pictured above will be available to those gamers who pre-order the Premium Edition from the Online Store.

However you choose to acquire it, Hometown Story will be in retail and E-stores around the world on October 22nd and as stated above will be playable on the Nintendo 3DS and IOS.

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