Indie Spotlight: Middle of Nowhere

Indie Spotlight: Middle of Nowhere
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Indie Spotlight is a new feature series created by GamR Mag to help bring more information regarding popular upcoming indie games to our growing community. If you have an indie game that you would like to see featured, please let us know in the comments below!

On this edition of Indie Spotlight, GamR Mag takes a look at the promising first person survival horror title, Middle of Nowhere. Middle of Nowhere is currently being developed by VisionArts for the PC, utilizing the Unity 3D engine.

Aaron Wilde, founder of the indie game company, VisionArts describes Middle of Nowhere:

“What is Middle of Nowhere?

Middle of Nowhere is a game with a beautiful yet deceiving reality inspired by generations of survival horror games.
With Middle of Nowhere we’re aiming to create an amazing, unique survival horror experience that stays with you forever, here’s some features:

    • Middle of Nowhere is a single player, first person survival horror game.
    • You will play a unique, story-driven game and encounter various creatures.
    • The game will be developed in the Unity engine for PC (Windows).
    • The game will be distributed digitally(Possibly from Steam and other similar options).

Story Synopsis:

Dr. Aleister Newman receives a letter seeking his aid. A young girl has fallen ill in a small town in North America. Scared for a her safety and curious about her condition, he offers his expert assistance…

Aleister never returns, and soon after, is declared missing. His brother, Isaac Newman decides to travel to the town in search of answers, but what he encounters is a place filled with horrors that far exceed the confines of reality.
His sanity is tested as he ventures further into the middle of nowhere and unravels the mystery of his brothers’ disappearance.”

Middle of Nowhere is currently available for crowd funding on KickStarter. If you wish to help fund the project, there is plenty of time to do so. Just go to the game’s official KickStarter page to pledge!

When it comes to survival horror games, the past decade has not been so kind to the failing genre. Generally the larger, triple A titles have been lackluster, with big survival horror franchises Silent Hill and Resident Evil heading in a more “action” style of gameplay. Middle of Nowhere seems to learn from the mistakes of its predecessor, doing its part to help push the survival horror genre back to the forefront of gaming. Here are some screenshots and artwork from VisionArts:


For more information regarding Middle of Nowhere, you can travel to a few destinations. The following links are the official pages of Middle of Nowhere. Here you will be able to pledge to their KickStarter, check out their latest YouTube videos, check out the game on Steam Greenlight, Like them on Facebook or Follow them on Twitter!


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