Indie Spotlight: The Fall

Indie Spotlight: The Fall
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Indie Spotlight is a new feature series created by GamR Mag to help bring more information regarding popular upcoming indie games to our growing community. If you have an indie game that you would like to see featured, please let us know in the comments below!

In the age of KickStarter, independent developers have gained a whole new way to fund large scale projects with little to no risk. This has proven to be an excellent way for games and ideas that may have normally never seen the light of day, to come to fruition based on projecting pitching to the public. And when it comes to finding great games on KickStarter, you would be hard pressed to find one more pledge-worthy than Over the Moon’s upcoming title, ‘The Fall’.

According to the official press site for The Fall, Over the Moon has written the following description of the game:

“ The Fall is a video game that flips convention slightly upside down — You play the role of ARID, an AI on board an armored combat suit, who takes control of the suit in order to help the human pilot, who’s hanging unconscious inside. However, ARID is bound by her laws of robotics and struggles with her own self limitation as she attempts to help her human friend. As players progress through The Fall, they must help ARID find contradictions in her rigid set of rules, allowing her to break them, gain some personal choice, and eventually start developing an identity outside of simplistic servitude. The Fall is also a civil rights story for an entire race who’s self worth is only defined by their use as servants.”

For those that want to see more from The Fall, we have provided some screenshots and videos for you so that you can take a closer look. Check them out.

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Over the Moon’s official press page also goes into detail about some of the features you can expect from The Fall:

  • A unique story, inspired by Asimov – players adopt the role of ARID, a virtual intelligence struggling to help its unconscious human friend, and struggle against its limiting behavioral laws.
  • A fresh mix of genres – The Fall integrates point and click adventure games, platformers, and shooters into a very unique experience. Drawing equal inspiration from games like Super Metroid and Monkey Island, The Fall is humbly inspired by the greats that came before it.
  • A fresh narrative experience – The Fall has a story that focuses on “doing” rather than “watching”. As players work their way through challenges, they organically find solutions that imply a larger narrative as the game progresses.
  • Gorgeous artwork – The Fall is all about atmosphere and exploration.

For those indie game lovers that have an eye on KickStarter, and have heard of The Fall, you can tell that the game will bring something mysterious and magical to indie fans. The game is currently set to release for the PC, PS Vita, PlayStation 4, Ouya, Mac and Linux in April 2014. If you want to know more about The Fall, you can click on the following links to learn more, vote it up on Steam GreenLight, or help fund it on KickStarter:

Fund The Fall on KickStarter // Vote for The Fall on Steam GreenLight // Learn More about Over The Moon Games

Our own Christian Orkibi has previously featured The Fall in an article a few weeks ago if you want to see what he had to say about The Fall! 

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