Killer Instinct – Exclusive Sadira Trailer

Killer Instinct – Exclusive Sadira Trailer
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The latest Killer Instinct Trailer gives us a little more in-depth look at Sadira. She is an all new character in the Killer Instinct Universe and she has some sweet spinning moves with a web-based attack to pull herself closer to her enemies.

She looks as to be not the only one as in the background there are others in white. So she may be part of some order of “Spider-sisters?” Without any major story line for the characters will be hard to tell for sure but I am positive they will have some small background written on the characters.

As with previous Killer Instinct Character trailer at the end is what matters as they tease who is next and this time it is one of my all time favorite characters of the series, Orchid. Orchid is shown completely with her panther now as a pet instead of her becoming the actual cat. She is confronting Jago which in Killer Instinct lore makes sense. She has a complete makeover as expected and has a “world-explorer” vibe to her. Let alone the fact that her staff is somewhat smaller then in previous but I am sure when the gameplay video arrives we will see more of what she is capable of.

Killer Instinct is a launch title for the Xbox One and will be a “free-to-play” game with options to buy it in a $20 and $40 price range.

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