Link the Slug Releasing August 29th

Link the Slug Releasing August 29th
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Today OX Play and Bulkypix Games announced that their upcoming puzzle title, Link the Slug, would be releasing on iOS and Android enabled devices on August 29th. The listing price is currently at $0.99, which is always nice to see. For more about what Link the Slug is, and more on some of its features, check out the press release from Ox Play and Bulkypix Games.

“A daring experiment went out of control, and so Dr. Steven Schrodinstein created the “Slugs”.

Help him getting rid of them before they infest all his house! Find some tricky ways to break free from those invasive creatures in more than 70 intricate levels.

Link the Slug is an user-friendly puzzle game with smooth graphics that will require all your mind skills to be achieved.

Easy to link, hard to master! 

Features : 

  • Casual and addictive
  • 3 worlds, 75 levels and more to come…
  • Smooth & charming characters.
  • Unique gameplay set on visual analysis.
  • Fun, brain-squeezing experience suitable for all ages.”

For more news on Bulkypix Games, you can visit their official website, or follow them on Twitter. Don’t for get to stay tuned at GamR Mag for more news on upcoming titles. 

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