Next Gen-Console Fanboys: What the Heck Is This All About!?!

Next Gen-Console Fanboys: What the Heck Is This All About!?!
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This is more of an editorial on how ugly this console “war” has been in comparison to previous console releases.

Remember the days when you owned one system and your friend owned a competitor and you guys were both still friends and didn’t care what the other had? Where has that all gone?

Back in the day, and for me this goes back to when I had the Atari 2600, my neighbor had a Colecovision. We both would go to each other’s house and play whatever games we had never caring about what system was better let alone did we ever care what system had a certain game. As time progressed, this was basically the mindset for us during the “rebirth” of the gaming consoles.

Yes you had  Nintendo and Sega and most of the “console wars” between the two were hysterical and yes they would poke jabs at one another and even come up with ludicrous “slogans” for what their consoles would do that their competitor didn’t (hence “ Blast Processing”). Still one of my favorite lies ever to come out of a console company.

When Sony joined the gaming hardware with the first PlayStation in September of 1995 and turned it into a three-way-battle with, at that time Sega and Nintendo, there was still fun between the companies at least from the gamers perspective.

Many afternoons you would go to a friend’s house and play on the PlayStation or  Sega Saturn and compare which fighting game was better DOA or Virtua Fighter. No one ever jumped on someone’s back for buying whatever console they had. Hell at that point in time when a new console came around whatever old one you had usually ended up being part of the payment as you traded it in for whatever new console you bought.

Then came the internet and our current status on “Console Wars”. The reason I put that in quotes is because it is becoming more like a war of words not between the consoles but the individuals who buy them.

I can tell you that no matter what point in my gaming life I have had multiple consoles, and whichever it was I found fun and good times no matter who made it. I own everything at the moment minus a WiiU and the only reasoning’s for that is the wife doesn’t want it to sit around like our Wii ( I only play my first party games on it.)  My PlayStation 3 is my youngest of my current gen system under 5 years that I have owned it. I only have a small collection for the system being that I specifically get as much of the first party exclusives I can. Do I hate the system? No it’s just not financially good for me to buy a game that is available on both platforms when I spend most of my gaming on one system. That’s a preference, it is not based on “I hate Sony” or “Xbox rules.” It’s based on the fact that I prefer to play on Xbox Live and spend most of my gaming earning achievements, but at the same time want to play those gems that are with Sony.

In my almost 30 plus years of gaming I have been witness to many things, most of them great, but lately there is an ugliness that is coming with being a gamer that is almost heart-breaking.

Of course this started when the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were both hitting their strides. Now you had gamers vehemently attacking one another over Xbox or PlayStation and why, because what they own is better then the next?

In consideration I would like to point out this is not everyone but a good percentage of the “voice” of the internet. There is this group which make a small percentage of gamers who take it upon themselves to bash whatever system is not the one they own. I can understand having an opinion but this has turned into hateful schoolyard name-calling, even bullying, over a machine that at the end of the day is for playing games.

Here is this growing “absurd fanboy” who likes (insert name) here and cannot hear if anyone has any type of constructive criticism pertaining to their bias next gen console of choice. Case in point, I personally am looking forward to the next Xbox and I tend to keep my reasoning to a minimum on account of the bias that is shown.

Yes I know Microsoft didn’t succeed in letting us know what they were doing or whatever argument you can muster, but at the same time it is a personal preference and I can see great things from it. Nevertheless, the “fan” would chastise anyone, even if you gave them a proper reason as to your decision. It has gotten to the point where even when the opposition of their system of choice makes an announcement it is seen as either a “copy” or a “bad decision”.

My question is when did we become a surly, unapologetic, one-sided group of people? Everyone has an opinion and should be respected. The internet should never give you the impression that you are free to belittle someone, or worse, just on account they choose something different than what you believe in.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo do not mind the free publicity that “fanboys” give them when they go on these tirades, but at the same time no one seems to think that this is wrong. That or they are part of the silent majority that let the people continue to think they speak for all gamers.  Give yourself a voice, yes, but let’s see if we can do it and keep it in a positive light.

As a gamer I can understand that you want to protect or feel the need to protect something you have invested so much time and money into, but at the same time it can be done intelligently and without having to rip one another apart. Think about if everyone would have come to a mutual understanding and made positive reinforcements to the game companies. I am sure no one would look at gamers as immature, unrealistic people that can never be satisfied.

Seeing game developers being scrutinized up to the point of death threats is absurd. Realistically speaking it’s not something that I am sure a “mature” person would do. Unfortunately when that happens it gets lumped in that all of us gamers think the same way. It’s time that people think before they talk. Words are powerful but also meaningful if done in a proper atmosphere.  I can only hope that the two individuals I am raising, who I am sure will be gamers, will speak out positively and yet know that not everything has to be a battle.

At the end of the day we buy these machines for overall entertainment and pleasure and it’s a sad thing when we use them to attack each other with. Hopefully it will change, because I have faith in gamers.

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