‘Thomas Was Alone’ Creator Mike Bithell Rumors at ‘Dragon’s Den’ of Indie Investment

‘Thomas Was Alone’ Creator Mike Bithell Rumors at ‘Dragon’s Den’ of Indie Investment
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Mike Bithell creator of the indie hit, Thomas was alone, toyed with the idea of a “Dragon’s Den” indie investment panel on twitter yesterday.

Dissimilar to indie-fund.com, the organization would “fund a bit earlier, and likely for lower amounts..” tweeted Bithell. He proposed “something targeting newer, untested indies, the kind of person who’d set up a kickstarter for less than [$50k].”

Bithell seemed to draw the idea from his own experiences from trying to fund his own indie title, Thomas was alone, “I’m thinking of mini indie fund.. hands off on design, help with marketing and connections…..I needed £2000 to get Thomas done, and that seemed harder than getting £100k”.

An organization like this could bring hope to budding indie dev’s, struggling to make headway in a competitive market. Just the knowledge of such aid could entice more to take the plunge into indie game development, meaning more games for us!

Don’t hold your breath though as Bithell seems to be busy in development of his second title, Volume, a stealth based top down puzzler with a pinch of Metal Gear. He teased don’t pitch me your games just yet.. I’m not talking about doing this tomorrow :)”


Mike Bithell can be found at https://twitter.com/mikeBithell



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