Tuesday’s Top Ten: Most Revolutionary Games

Tuesday’s Top Ten: Most Revolutionary Games
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Today marks the release of arguably the most popular title to ever release on this generation of consoles. Grand Theft Auto V has been all over every website, television station, and periodical you can imagine. It has garnered so much hype, all focused around the massive amount of content and features it has been promised to deliver. If the game delivers on even half of the hype it has received, we may have one of the most revolutionary titles to have released this generation. So, on this weeks iteration of Tuesday’s Top Ten, we are going to dive into some of the most revolutionary and groundbreaking games that the world has ever seen. These, of course are opinions, and you are welcome to yours at the comments section located at the end of the article. Now, on to Tuesday’s Top Ten: Most Revolutionary Games!

10. Journey

Never has an indie game garnered so much praise for its execution and grace as Journey did last year. It won numerous awards for its beautiful art direction, whimsical musical composition and unique story. The game redefined what an independent title could achieve in a world cluttered with triple A sequels. Journey was, and still is, one of the best independent games ever created, a pinnacle of what independent developers hope to achieve.

9. Resident Evil

If there was one game that single-handedly helped put the survival/horror genre on the gaming map, it would have to be Resident Evil. The original Resident Evil, released on the Sony PlayStation console was a landmark achievement for the survival/horror genre. It combine three dimensional graphics with an intriguing story-line, challenging puzzles, and a creepy atmosphere.

8. Doom 

Doom showed everyone how a First Person Shooter should play. The game featured, at the time, some interesting mechanics, fun gun play, and a vicious enemy to destroy from a whole new perspective. Doom revolutionized the way we looked at FPS games, and they have never been the same since.

7. Halo

You can not talk about revolutionizing gameplay in the First Person Shooter genre without mentioning Halo. Halo showed the world what a multiplayer, online shooter could accomplish on a home console. It was the first widely accepted online shooter experienced through a console, and what really helped launch Microsoft the gaming giant it is today.

6. Final Fantasy VII

There has been so much controversy and speculation about Final Fantasy VII over the years. Many claim it is the “best” of the series, while many more claim that it is simply “overrated”. Regardless of how you view the game, Final Fantasy VII helped push JRPG titles to the western front, making them instantly popular in the United States. Sure, other JRPGs made their way to America far before FF VII, but none had the widespread appeal as the popular series seventh installment.

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